Road Services

At the present time, cargo transportation is an integral part of almost every economic activity. The increasing complexity and sensitivity of goods calls for even higher transport requirements. Therefore, it is critical to leave nothing to chance and rely on specialists to manage your cargo transports. Regular departures and customized solutions for all your logistics challenges will shorten your delivery times.

  • Multiple departures each week with consolidated and LCL shipments from Western Europe to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities
  • Transports within the Russian Federation
  • Full-service transports from Europe to Russia and the whole CIS market
  • ADR and refrigerated shipments as well as special shipments with heavy and wide loads
  • Consignment of all goods in the Austrian based central warehouse/customs warehouse until the departure to Russia
  • Running status and run-time control
  • With a network of first-class partners we offer you the best possible transportation route
  • Possibility to cover the shipment with an „all-risks“ transport insurance